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XL Size 13" x 14" - Commercial Grade Reusable Nylon Bags (2 Pack) - All Purpose Fine Mesh Strainer Great for Juices, Almond Milk, Cold Brew, Soups, Teas

2 pack - 1 Year Warranty

  • WARRANTY:  One year warranty for both bags, against tearing or other damage from normal use

  • USES: Easily yields 16 ounces of celery juice and the reusable design of Alexa's Bags can be used to make nut milk, cold press juice, tea and more

  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE: Fits easily over containers that vary in size 13" x 14", compatible with Blendtec and Vitamix jars

  • EASY TO CLEAN:  This bag has no draw strings making it easier to clean and avoid bacteria growth

  • BAG REPLACEMENT: If your bag fails after extended use contact our customer service and we will send you a new replacement bag

  • FINE NYLON MESH: Bag is woven from 120 micron diameter nylon monofilament at 30 strands/CM for fine straining and has durable stitching with nylon thread

  • CERTIFICATION: The only bpaSafe Certified food grade straining bag in the industry!

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